Tim’s Journey: From Incarceration to Entrepreneurship

maskTom Price

Tim, not his real name, wanted his identity concealed in this story, with the possibility of revealing it in the future. Tim was born naturally on a cattle station in rural Western Australia, untouched by modern medicine. He enjoyed a joyful and modest upbringing, surrounded by love from his parents and siblings. From an early age, Tim’s parents served as role models, teaching him the value of hard work and instilling strong moral ethics. As a station hand, he gained valuable experience and expertise in working with horses, mustering, and cattle droving.

Over time, some cattle stations gave way to mining sites across the Pilbara region. The loss of his father took a toll on Tim, leading him down a negative path. It was during this period that he confronted some harsh realities of life, resulting in a period of incarceration. While in custody, Tim took the opportunity to pursue higher education courses and obtained certifications in various horticulture and construction qualifications. Serving his sentence, Tim managed to reset his trajectory and embarked on a journey of self-reflection and personal responsibility.

With an open heart, Tim found new love and now has a young family, including two children and an upcoming newborn. Recognizing the erosion of cultural values in First Nations communities and the importance of being a positive role model, Tim has dedicated himself to becoming a leader in his community.

When Tim was offered a role as part of the Pathways to Real Jobs trial, he eagerly accepted and began by contributing to cyclone cleanup efforts towards the end of the previous year. Additionally, he actively participated in a community-led initiative focused on tidying up the area, with support from the Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation. This support included project coordination, essential tools and equipment, as well as refreshments.

Tim’s dedicated work in the community has earned him respect for his diligence and the quality of his completed projects. As a result, he has received inquiries from other businesses that offer services in the community. These businesses have sought Tim’s contracting services for cleanup and garden maintenance in Tom Price, Paraburdoo, and the surrounding areas.

The Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation (AAC) has been instrumental in supporting Tim to register his new company. To date, Tim has successfully secured three casual sole trader contracts, with potential for additional work as he continues to establish himself in this new venture. The future looks promising for Tim and his growing business.

Moving forward, Tim’s next step is to expand his customer base while working with a Many Rivers Small Enterprise Business Coach. Together, they will develop a business plan that focuses on enhancing Tim’s administrative capabilities and establishing a strong company profile. We are immensely proud of Tim’s achievements over the past six months and will continue to provide our unwavering support to him and his new business. Ultimately, we hope that Tim’s success will enable him to inspire and employ more individuals from our community.

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