CDP is designed to support jobseekers in remote Australia to build skills, address barriers and participate in a range of activities that benefit both the individual and the community. There is a strong emphasis on CDP providers placing jobseekers into sustainable employment and arranging work-like activities of up to 20 hours per week (Work For the Dole) for eligible jobseekers while they are looking for work.

AAC remains one of the larger CDP providers in that the organisation has, maintained allocation of two regions (Port Hedland and Western Desert) while there have been some changes of providers across other regions over the last twelve months. AAC covers an extensive area geographically as well as a large number of job seekers (890 in Port Hedland and 410 in the Western Desert) with total numbers increasing modestly throughout the year.

ACC continues to focus on delivering on performance, compliance and service measures and, in addition to working productively with NIAA as the funding body, AAC has impressive connections with communities, employers, training organisations and service providers as well as obtaining feedback from jobseekers about potential project content.


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