Unveiling New Opportunities: Programmed’s Expansion in Karratha


Excitement buzzed through the air as Programmed’s North West Area Manager, Josh Stronach, graced the newly opened AAC Karratha Offices to meet the staff. In this momentous gathering, he unveiled the future prospects that Programmed holds for the region, igniting a sense of hope and ambition among the attendees. This meeting was more than just a formality; it symbolised the beginning of a promising partnership between Programmed and the vibrant community of Karratha.

Programmed’s Engagement with Karratha

In the newly opened Karratha Offices, Programmed’s North West Area Manager, Josh Stronach, met with the staff to reveal their current services, focused on managing a skilled workforce in trades, logistics, manufacturing, and more. Programmed seeks candidates from the Karratha community and those connected to it.

Programmed’s Engagement with Karratha

With a comprehensive overview, Josh showcased Programmed’s extensive services, ranging from skilled trades to logistics, manufacturing to warehouse management. The breadth of their expertise hinted at the countless possibilities for growth and development that lay ahead for both Programmed and the local workforce. What set this partnership apart was Programmed’s unwavering focus on community engagement. They sought out candidates living within the Karratha community and those closely connected to it, recognising the potential that lies within the region itself.

Empowering Karratha’s Talent

The true testament to Programmed’s commitment to Karratha came in the form of their long-standing collaboration with Yara Pilbara. Together, they have been providing apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities since 2013, nurturing the aspirations of young minds and propelling them toward meaningful careers. This investment in local talent not only ensures a skilled workforce but also bolsters the region’s economic growth, creating a self-sustaining cycle of prosperity.

New Horizons Await

The excitement in the room was palpable when Josh revealed that Programmed was actively recruiting for various positions in the Karratha area. The thought of newfound job opportunities filled the atmosphere with anticipation. As the AAC Karratha staff listened intently, they eagerly awaited the chance to refer potential job seekers from their local caseload to these openings. It was a thrilling prospect, knowing that they could play a vital role in connecting their community members with life-changing opportunities.

Programmed’s expansion into Karratha brings forth a promising partnership with the local community. Their commitment to engaging and empowering Karratha’s talent through apprenticeships and recruitments opens doors to new horizons. As the AAC Karratha staff eagerly anticipates referring potential job seekers to these opportunities, you too can be part of this transformative journey. Explore the possibilities with Programmed, whether you seek a new career or wish to contribute to Karratha’s growth. Embrace the boundless potential, and together, let’s shape a brighter future for our community. Visit the AAC website or contact Programmed to unlock the doors to your dreams.

AAC Karratha staff are looking forward to referring some suitable job seekers from our local caseload to these current positions. If you are a local employer we would love to assist your business in finding the right candidate for your current and future staffing needs. AAC partner across the Pilbara with local Businesses If you are looking for the right staff to help grow your business Please call us on 08 9188 3500.

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