AAC provides direct services to enable Aboriginal people to participate in employment and economic opportunities. In order to do this, AAC:

  • Builds trust based on mutual respect
  • Works together to increase the self-sufficiency of Aboriginal people.
  • Accesses resources from state and federal governments.
  • Implements economic projects and investments to reduce reliance on government funding.
  • Has built a reputation for quality work practices with emphasis on continuity and sustainability.
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Guiding Principles

Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation’s operations are guided by eight principles: Accountability, Capacity Building, Caring for Country, Collaboration, Innovation, Partnerships, Respect and Sustainability.

Maintaining high levels of accountability and compliance in relation to funding and program outcomes.

Capacity Building
Acknowledging the capacity, resilience, and self-reliance of Aboriginal people and their right to constructively participate in social and economic opportunity.

Caring for Country
Implementing culturally sensitive projects and ensuring that their activities have no adverse environmental impacts.

Being committed to Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people working cooperatively, and to working together with other Aboriginal organisations for mutual benefit.

Supporting and fostering leading edge approaches for the benefit of Aboriginal people.

Developing partnership arrangements with other organisations to create income generating capacity for the corporation and employment opportunities for Aboriginal people.

Valuing local Aboriginal history, the unique contribution of individuals, and the role and knowledge of our Elders.

Acknowledging that positive and progressive social and economic change will require ongoing, consistent and strategic action by all stakeholders.

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