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Harmony Week 2023 Success

Recently, AAC staff members Kelly Gould and Michelle Kivits generously volunteered their time to support one of this year’s Harmony Week events in 2023. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Kelly’s husband, Kevin, who contributed to the event by preparing a delectable array of BBQ sausages, including vegetarian options. Amidst the festivities, Kelly had the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing cycle ride in the event’s designated chill-out zone.

The success of the event can be attributed to the collaborative efforts of various organisations and individuals. Victoria Malyk, a dedicated Community Migrant Service Worker at PCLS, joined forces with esteemed partners such as the West Coast Eagles, WA Cricket, Headspace, Pilbara Population Unit, Jabat Dance Inc., Julyardi, and Ashburton Aboriginal Corporations. Together, they orchestrated a remarkable project that yielded numerous physical, developmental, psychological, and social benefits for both the players and the local community at large.

One notable outcome of the initiative was the active involvement of parents, who enthusiastically participated in football matches alongside their children. Engaging in sports not only assisted the children in mastering emotional control but also provided a constructive outlet for negative emotions. Through sports, these young individuals were able to cultivate resilience and develop a positive self-perception. Furthermore, the project facilitated the formation of new friendships and expanded their social circles beyond the confines of school. Most importantly, it fostered a sense of belonging, instilling a feeling of acceptance and inclusion among the participants.

As a result of this collaborative effort, the project not only promoted the engagement of culturally diverse players and participants but also enabled the development of new skills, the recognition of talent, and the enhancement of social, health, and well-being outcomes within this specific group. The initiative truly exemplified the power of sports in bringing people together and uplifting communities.

The dedication and commitment demonstrated by Kelly Gould, Michelle Kivits, Victoria Malyk, and all the partnering organisations and individuals involved deserve immense recognition. Their contributions to this Harmony Week event have undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the lives of the participants and have strengthened the bonds within the local community. Such endeavours serve as a reminder of the transformative potential inherent in collaborative initiatives focused on fostering unity and inclusivity.

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