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This enterprise is focused on the sourcing and supply of a broad range of products and services, with diversity and adaptability being the key drivers.

With a keen eye on the environment through recycling, AD&L has launched into producing clean industrial rags from redundant hospitality linen that once might have gone to landfill. The more suitable of this linen is donated to the needy and support organisations for the frail and homeless.

AD&L also supplies Western Australian drinking water to numerous remote locations in the Pilbara, including offshore facilities and metro workplaces.

AD&L continues to add more products to its inventory by including a 100% WA grown and processed canola cooking oil.

AD&L also supplies a wide range of WA made cleaning and degreasing chemicals. The vast majority of these products align with the green ideals of the AAC, by being biodegradable and produced from environmentally sustainable ingredients.

Cleaning Made Easy

Cleaning Made Easy is a 50 page book full of economical and practical solutions for all cleaning challenges that people regularly encounter.

The idea of producing Cleaning Made Easy originated during a day-long session with people from the Aboriginal communities working with Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation.

This session had the objective to test every cleaning method featured in the book practically.

Cleaning Made Easy aims to make cleaning chores simpler, effective and to save money along the way.

If you wish to purchase one or several copies of the book ($19.99), please send us a message below with your name and address and we will send them to you as soon as possible.

For the e-book version of Cleaning Made Easy, please click here.

Money Rules™

MONEY RULES ™ is an interactive board game designed primarily to deliver learning outcomes around Language Literacy and Numeracy skills.It has evolved as a result of thousands of hours of testing and trial delivery with clients and volunteers of The Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation (AAC) of Western Australia. AAC is a not for profit organisation with a footprint covering some 500,000 square kilometres of the Pilbara and Western Desert regions of WA. With its motto of “opportunity for all” fully endorsed by the 100% Indigenous board members, we at AAC are proud to bring this product into mainstream use.

Money Rules™ Kids
Price : $55

Money Rules™ Adult
Price : $55

If you wish to purchase one or several copies of the game, please send us a message below with your name and address and we will send to you as soon as possible

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