Port Hedland Networking Luncheon


The Hedland Management Team, consisting of Kristy Allison, Christie Haynes, Taylor Codina, Michelle Kivits, and Lisa Fleischer, recently had the pleasure of attending a remarkable networking luncheon at Gateway Village. The event was impeccably organised by the PHCCI (Port Hedland Chamber of Commerce and Industry), and it drew a crowd of nearly 90 esteemed guests.

The highlight of the luncheon was undoubtedly the presence of two exceptional guest speakers, who captivated the audience with their inspiring stories and insightful experiences. One of the speakers was the esteemed Member of Parliament, HON Melissa Price, whose presence added a touch of significance to the occasion. Her thought-provoking speech resonated deeply with the attendees, leaving a lasting impact on their minds.

Additionally, Morag Lowe, the proud owner of Hedland First National Real Estate, took the stage and shared her remarkable journey through life and business. With her wealth of knowledge and expertise, Morag enlightened the audience with invaluable advice and anecdotes, leaving everyone in awe of her achievements.

The event provided an excellent platform for networking and forging new connections. Attendees had the opportunity to interact with like-minded professionals from various industries, fostering potential collaborations and partnerships. The luncheon served as a reminder of the power of networking and the immense value it brings to individuals and organisations alike.

As the luncheon drew to a close, the Hedland Management Team expressed their gratitude to the PHCCI for hosting such a successful event. The team members were inspired by the stories shared by the guest speakers, and they left the luncheon feeling motivated and energised to embark on new ventures and achieve greater heights in their respective fields.

Overall, the networking luncheon at Gateway Village was a resounding success, thanks to the PHCCI’s meticulous organisation and the presence of distinguished guest speakers. It served as a testament to the vibrant business community in Hedland and highlighted the importance of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and building meaningful connections. The event undoubtedly left a lasting impression on all who attended, fostering a spirit of enthusiasm and ambition that will continue to propel the local business landscape forward.

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