Rowen’s Walk for 2021


Last week, Ashburton Staff and members of the community came together for this year’s Rowen’s Walk.

Started four years ago by local man Rowan Dann, the event brings together local residents, community leaders and industry representatives to reflect on the impact suicide has in our lives and the wider community. 

With Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rates of suicide at around 2.6 times the rate of the broader population, Mr Dann’s intention is to highlight this crisis.

With suicide disproportionately affecting men and boys, Mr Dann seeks to generate awareness for mental health and encourage people to reach out and ask for help. 

Reflecting on the impact suicide has in our lives and the wider community

This event is also an opportunity for the community to walk together, hand in hand, and shine light on the importance of human connection. The walk ran from Hedland Salt Bridge to South Hedland Primary School.

Twelve of our AAC Staff volunteered to help on the morning of the walk, providing free bottles of our Yurrama water at designated water refresh stops for all walkers.  

Community members, AAC staff and a number of the local Schools all participated, resulting in over 200 that took part in the walk.

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