Positive Vibes for a Community in Mourning


AAC visit the Gumala Aboriginal Corporation as they prepare for upcoming renovations. The AAC Team assisted Gumala in ensuring they were ready for the exciting changes to come. 

AAC is very saddened to hear of the recent deaths in the communities that we service. 

Our hearts go out to all of the communities affected. We see the sadness in the eyes of our staff who have developed such solid connections with our jobseekers. We all feel your pain.

AAC recently visited Wakathuni, a community greatly affected by this tragedy, located a few kilometers from Tom Price.

Our first stop was to meet up with Brendon Cook, Aboriginal Elder in Wakathuni. Mr Cook welcomed AAC to assist Gumala Aboriginal Corporation, who needed assistance to tetris pack all the furniture and equipment at their 3A Early Learning Centre into a container to prepare for the planned renovations.

Only a few days later, AAC were onsite and ready to move all the miniature sized furniture away.

We met up with Emerging Leader Scott James and were joined by community members, children and dogs at GAC. As we packed up all the furniture, the sausages were sizzling away, and the air was filled with delicious smells and the melody of children’s laughter.

Gumala community welcomes AAC

It will be a delight to see what the Centre will look like once the paint and the new floors are done. GAC continues to be a colourful premise inspiring young minds to blossom, and we can’t wait to see the completed transformation.

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