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We are excited to announce the partnership between Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation and the ABC Foundation. The partnership aims to provide valuable support to jobseekers in their employment journey and deliver the Rangers for Life (R4L) program.

R4L is a transformative initiative that focuses on enhancing young people’s understanding and responsibility towards preserving, advancing, and managing Aboriginal land and sea natural resources.

Among the key figures driving this initiative are Cara and Denise, two respected Aboriginal Community Elders and jobseekers with AAC who have taken on the role of Project Coordinators for the mobile program R4L in Tom Price and Wakathuni community. Their dedication and hard work have been instrumental in ensuring the program meets the community’s needs and is effectively delivered to our youth.

In addition to their commitment to empowering young people through education, Cara and Denise have also prioritised their learning and personal development. With the support of AAC and their dedication, they are able to offer our program’s youth enhanced levels of support and guidance, fostering their growth and continuous development.

Cara and Denise embody the spirit of community and cultural preservation, serving as mentors and parental figures to the next generation. Their passion and resilience are integral to the success and uniqueness of the Tom Price and Wakathuni Rangers for Life program. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to these remarkable individuals for their ongoing commitment and dedication to shaping the leaders of tomorrow. Thank you, Cara and Denise, for all that you do.

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