NBAC YCREW Program Sparks Enthusiasm with 17 Jobseekers in Attendance


The NBAC YCREW program, a collaborative effort between Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation and BRIDA, kicked off with an induction session on Tuesday, drawing the attendance of 17 eager jobseekers. This enthusiastic response underscores a promising interest and engagement in the program’s objectives.

Recognising the vital role of work-ready initiatives, such programs serve as pivotal platforms in equipping individuals with the requisite skills, knowledge, and support vital for successful entry or re-entry into the workforce.

The robust turnout of 17 participants not only underscores the program’s potential impact but also highlights its effectiveness in garnering interest and commitment from the community. This collective enthusiasm reflects a strong desire among individuals to acquire valuable skills and training, ultimately enhancing their employability.

The Karratha and Roebourne job seekers who participated in this morning’s induction exuded happiness and enthusiasm as they embarked on their training journey. Their optimistic outlook and eagerness to begin the program bode well for their active engagement and future success within the NBAC YCREW initiative.

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