Nora Cooke Provides Covid Vaccination Support


Nora Cooke is our very own in-house Covid19 Support Person at our AAC Hedland office.

A few of our AAC Job Seekers have had some concerns about getting their jabs. Nora has been providing assistance and support to help those Job Seekers overcome some of those concerns. She has been having a yarn about the Covid-19 jab and providing transportation so that our Job Seekers can get to their appointments.

Nora Cooke

Nora picks up our Job Seekers and travels with them to their Covid-19 vaccination appointments. She also travels home with Job Seekers post jab to make sure they feel comfortable and cared for throughout the entire process.

AAC Job Seeker getting her jab.

If you would like some help and support while receiving your vaccination, contact AAC Hedland to have Nora come and pick you up!

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