Heavyweight Recycling Champion


As you know AAC manage the Containers for Change refund points in Tom Price, Paraburdoo and Marble Bar.

We celebrate all recyclers, seasoned recyclers, new recyclers, young and old. This time, we applaud Abel for his recycling efforts for the past 16 months.

Abel lives in the Wakathuni community about 30km outside of Tom Price. He collects every eligible container in the community, cleans up the environment and saves these containers from landfill. He packs them all into his vehicle and brings them to the Tom Price depot for a refund. We usually see him once a week.

His efforts have seen the Wakathuni community looking a lot cleaner with fewer bottles and cans lying around in gardens or going into the general waste bins. He is one of the biggest container savers that we have seen at AAC’s Containers for Change refund point.

His first collection earned him over $800 and they have been big.

Containers for Change - Pilbara

This is Abel collecting his refund in Tom Price of $307.70. This means that Abel brought in 3,077 containers to be recycled! That’s incredible!

Abel is nearing retirement so he is saving up for his old age and to repair his vehicle. Keep up the good work Abel!!

For anyone new to the scheme, pop in or click on https://www.containersforchange.com.au/wa/how-it-works

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