Bloodwood Tree Receives Their Employer Incentive


AAC has been working closely with Bloodwood Tree, the non-for-profit organisation that provides support services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are suffering from homelessness, alcohol and drug abuse and unemployment. AAC recently presented Bloodwood Tree with a $33,000 employer incentive cheque after Job Seekers successfully maintained employment with them.

We received a very thoughtful message from Kelly Howlett of Bloodwood Tree regarding the AAC Staff. The message read;

“On behalf of Bloodwood Tree, we thank you for our work relationship and look forward to our continual support from Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation staff members. I wanted to personally reach out and say that the presentation we received today was a lovely and thoughtful surprise.”

AAC and Bloodwood Tree have maintained a very strong working connection with each other, and we highly value and appreciate the relationship we have developed.

We look forward to working together with Bloodwood Tree in the future – keep up the great work!

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