Empowering Communities Through Suicide Prevention: Hilda’s Journey


Meet Hilda, a job seeker from Carnarvon who recently returned to the Wakathuni Community. Despite facing personal challenges, Hilda expressed a strong desire to equip herself with the skills needed to support her community in suicide prevention. ASIST’s two-day workshop proved instrumental, with some AAC staff attending the ASSIST program and providing transportation assistance for Hilda’s attendance.

ASIST: Leading Suicide Prevention Efforts

ASIST, which stands for Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training, is at the forefront of suicide prevention efforts. ASIST’s training enhances participants’ abilities and prepares them to engage in life-saving conversations with individuals experiencing suicidal thoughts. ASIST conducts training sessions across various sectors, including workplaces, education institutions, defence and veteran communities, LGBTIA groups, Indigenous communities, first responders, and faith leaders. With courses designed for caregivers and trainers, ASIST ensures that individuals at every level receive the necessary training.

ASIST Workshop Highlights

The two-day caregiver workshop offered by ASIST features:

  • Engaging audiovisuals, discussions, and simulations
  • Insights into how personal and community attitudes toward suicide impact help-seeking behaviours and one’s ability to offer assistance.
  • Enhanced individual readiness, confidence, and capability to provide initial aid for suicide prevention.

Hilda’s Dedication and Skill Development

Throughout the course, Hilda showed keen interest and demonstrated dedication by attending the workshop daily. She emphasised the importance of acquiring these skills to help others within her community. Through the workshop, Hilda gained essential skills, including:

  • Establishing connections with individuals at risk of suicide, guiding conversations, and extending invitations for dialogue
  • Understanding the choices individuals make and fostering an environment where suicide victims feel comfortable sharing their stories.
  • Supporting individuals in crisis by assessing their plans, developing safety strategies, and offering assistance.
  • Upon completing the workshop, Hilda received a certificate recognising her achievement.

Hilda’s Active Engagement and Commitment

Since July 3, 2023, Hilda has been actively engaged in her job search journey. Her commitment to personal development is evident, as she has participated in multiple workshops with ASIST. Through initiatives like these, AAC continues to empower individuals like Hilda to upskill, gain knowledge, and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

The combined efforts of organisations like ASIST and supportive initiatives from AAC play a crucial role in addressing and preventing suicide, particularly within underserved communities. By fostering education, skill development, and awareness, we strive to create a safer, more supportive environment for all individuals, including those in Aboriginal populations.

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