Job Seeker Philomena Secures Three Job Interviews!


It’s been a long journey for Philomena who, with the assistance of AAC, has overcome multiple barriers and lifelong challenges and secured three separate interviews here in Hedland.

Her upcoming interviews give her the the opportunity to be employed within the mining sector as an entry level, utility assistant with ESS Compass and Mineral Resources. With the assistance of staff at our Harwell site, Philomena has completed her RSA and Food Safe Handling certificate.

Up until recently, Philomena had been using her daughter’s car to get around South Hedland. This interfered with other family member’s own commitments so AAC has been able to assist Philomena by providing her with a brand-new assembled push bike, helmet and padlock for safety. She will be using her new push pike to attend interviews and attend her current casual work placement. The provision of the bike has also given her some more independence and reduced household tension by reducing her reliance on the family vehicle.

Philomena could not have been more grateful in her receiving the bike. Philomena is looking forward to securing a full time position and one of her first goals is to be able to save for her very own car.

Philomena (Mena) Jackamarra – At the Lodge Motel.

AAC’s post placement support team are looking forward to assisting Philomena with our ongoing one-on-one 26-week jobseeker support. Once Philomena chooses which position, she would like to accept, this support includes site visits, mentoring, ongoing paid training with certified professional companies, provision of protective personal equipment and ongoing assistance.

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