Arron and Marilyn Reach Their 13-Week Employment Milestone


AAC has been assisting Arron in his employment with Hijacked Barbers.  Arron recently reached his 13-week employment milestone and is currently completing his Barber Apprenticeship. AAC couldn’t be more proud of Arron and all the hard work he is putting in to his employment with Hijacked Barbers.

Arron’s manager Marilyn is also an AAC employed jobseeker who also recently reached her 13-week employment milestone. Marilyn has been working very hard managing the shop and is also learning to cut hair so that she is able to help out during the busy times.

As part of AAC’s Post Placement Support service, we were able to provide both Marilyn and Arron with a new set of clippers to support them in becoming qualified barbers. AAC is looking forward to them continuing to work at Hijacked Barbers and in another 13-weeks we will be able to offer the employer our employer incentive of up to $22,000 for having retained two jobseekers for 26 weeks!

Fantastic work to Arron and Marilyn.

Arron and Marilyn are both hard at work with Hijacked Barbers

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