Fishing with Rex Workshop


AAC has commenced the “Fishing with Rex” workshop for jobseekers which will be held each Wednesday.  

Job seekers are transported in one of our AAC buses to either the Hedland jetty or Finucane Island. 

On this occasion, mentors Rex and Jamie went to Finucane Island to assist jobseekers with fishing gear and bait, and to help them learn about safety when fishing. The “Fishing with Rex” activity attracts job seekers that may otherwise be disengaged within our CDP activities. 

The workshop allows job seekers to fish in a relaxed and safe environment, and engage in informative discussions surrounding barriers such as alcohol and other drug use, mental health issues, anger management, feelings and emotions, relationships, and domestic and family violence. Job seekers are also informed about the resources that are available to them. 

The average catch on any Wednesday is usually between four-to eight fish. The fish

are filleted, prepared in a BBQ lunch, and shared between all who have attended before their return trip.

Job Seekers who attend 4 sessions will receive a free fishing rod, deck chair, tackle box and fishing hat.

Fishing with Rex


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