Angie Scores Two Jobs


We first met Angie in May this year. She had come up to the Pilbara from Perth, and had never really worked before. It was winter in Tom Price and we felt cold just looking at Angie wearing light summer clothing. She was used to the cold she told us.

With limited working history, Angie worked for 12 months as an Aboriginal Liaison Officer in Collie in 1992. She was determined to obtain full-time employment, and get her license back on track, and we became excited to work with her.

Our pre-placement support started with creating a new resume, assisting Angie to be contactable, helping her complete her Construction Induction Training [white card] online, and a few bites of lunch while she was completing her online training.

We then started applying for jobs and Angie submitted her applications too. We blinked our eyes, and Angie was knocking on our door to ask for assistance to complete Rio Tinto inductions. Angie managed to find employment at the mine sites!

By the time she started her new job, Angie had found employment at Coles doing Night Fill. She decided that she wanted to keep doing both jobs. Working her cleaning job, and doing her job at Coles during her week off. 

Angie has since moved to Perth and has spoken to her employer, Eastern Guruma to work FIFO from Perth.

It has been incredible for us to see such a massive change in Angie’s life so quickly. We’re still there to support her for a few more months as she settles into the recent changes in her life. We are so proud of Angie. We tell her this regularly.

Doesn’t she look amazing in the photos she sent from work?

Angie sent us through some photos from her new job

Angie stands next to a blue tree at her new job

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