Personal Development and Team Building


AAC staff from our Throssell Road and Wedgefield sites came together for an afternoon of Personal Development and Team building.  

Each of our departments delivered a number of fun motivational activities. 

Our Post Placement Support team had staff members break into two teams. Merlin Gepte presented an in-house competition where staff worked together as a cohesive team to build a free-standing structured tower out of disposal bamboo knives and forks. 

Despite Team B getting off to a very slow start they ended up victorious and the clear winners as team A’s structure fell apart before their very eyes. 

The staff enjoyed a delicious “bring a dish” to share for lunch. 

Throughout the afternoon the team building event allowed us to create a time for us to refocus on problem-solving capabilities, strategizing and decision-making skills, all of which contributes to fostering an ongoing positive workplace culture here in Hedland.

Another activity for the day was pass the parcel, which took on a whole new meaning as Mitzi-Laine McNiel delivered a Team Building exercise on behalf of the Employment Pathway Advisors Team. Staff also had the opportunity to participate in a free dress day.

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