Empowering Job Seekers: AAC’s ‘How To’ Day Workshops


AAC recently launched a groundbreaking program to empower job seekers through our weekly ‘How To’ Day Workshops at our Harwell Yard. This initiative equips participants with new skills and provides a pathway to address fines and enhance their employability.

Bike Repair & Service Workshop

In our inaugural workshop tailored for job seekers, participants had the invaluable opportunity to learn essential skills in bike servicing and repair. The comprehensive training covered a range of topics, including tyre replacement, tube repair, brake and fork realignment, dérailleur tuning, and tyre tube alignment.

The Year Ahead

As the ‘How To’ Day Workshops gain momentum and attract increasing interest, we aim to ensure their availability throughout the year. Furthermore, we are actively exploring incorporating additional workshops, such as Horticulture, fitness and well-being, and minor machinery repair and service.

We are excited about the dedication of our staff to continue offering these workshops, which positively impact job seekers’ journeys. Through ongoing support and skill development, we aim to empower individuals to pursue meaningful employment opportunities.

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