Community Fun in Newman


AAC recently assisted with a number of events in Newman including a fun day, movie night, and Naidoc event. AAC are incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with the community through these fun and exciting events.

AAC Newman assisted with funding a fun day for the Punmu community, as well as assisted Newman Futures in running a movie night at Train Park. 

The fun day included a clown dunking machine, laser tag and a disco. The event was a great experience for Western Desert Regional Manager Bob O’Donnell, Activities Coordinator Harry Mackie, and representatives from WA Police, Quick Chill, Telfer, and Census Australia to be present for.

The movie night at Train Park saw a great turn out with the film Sherk being a bit hit. Witnessing the AAC Newman team releasing their inner child was heartwarming. AAC assisted Newman Futures with setting up the venue and dismantling the screen and equipment once the film was over.

AAC Newman also had the opportunity to join the community for a recent Naidoc Event.  AAC Newman teamed up with the Department of Justice to provide BBQ, Tie Dye t-shirts and Candy Floss. The event allowed AAC to provide a small presentation on the corporation’s purpose and what AAC can offer employers, employees and job seekers.

AAC feeds the Newman community with a BBQ at the recent Naidoc event.

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