Richard Mack’s Work Ethic Scores Him Grounds Person Position


AAC continues to oversee the daily watering and general maintenance of number of local Community organisations vegetable and garden beds here in Hedland. AAC is able to undertake this work through our Pre-Employment Horticulture and Community Maintenance Activities. One such organisation is the Port Hedland local community radio station, which is currently in full bloom with an array of colour. The beautiful display can be seen as you drive past their premises. 

Port Hedland local community radio station garden

A BIG Congratulations to Richard Mack who chose to actively participate in our AAC Pre Employment Horticulture/Community Maintenance Activity. Through participation in the activity, the skills he has learned and his fantastic work ethic, Richard has been referred to the Grounds person position that was advertised through our Employment Service Team.

Richard was successful at his interview and is now gainfully employed at the Wanga Maya Language Centre as a Grounds person.  AAC also donated a leaf Blower and fuel for Richard, enabling Richard to effectively complete his Daily Tasks at the centre.  Richard is extremely excited about his new role and is looking forward to keeping the centre maintained and clean. 

Richard Mack working in his new position as grounds keeper

More local positions vacant can be viewed and applied for online through our AAC website.

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