Job Seekers Remain Successfully Employed For 26-Weeks


Six AAC job seekers recently met their 26-week milestone of employment at Wirraka Maya Health Service Aboriginal Corporation (WMHSAC) WMHSAC is a not-for-profit Aboriginal Medical Centre located in South Hedland and is responsible for ensuring their 7000 actively engaged clients’ medical, health, social and cultural needs are met.

This fantastic achievement by the job seekers meant that last month, AAC were able to present WMHSAC with a cheque for $49,500. WMHSAC operates on monies received from grants so this cheque was a great way to end 2021.

AAC also gifted Hedland First National with an Employer incentive cheque to the value of $11,000. Job seeker Rachel Wells recently completed a very successful 26 weeks of continued employment with Hedland First National. Congratulations Rachel!

Hedland First National Branch Manager Tracy receiving employer incentive cheque

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