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The Pilbara is surrounded by natural untouched beauty. Karijini National Park offers spectacular rugged scenery, ancient geological formations, a variety of arid-land ecosystems and a range of recreational activities.

Then you have Warlu Way Tourist routes: the Coastal Warlu Way, Inland Warlu Way, Geoheritage Trail and the Manuwarra Highway. The Warlu Way is a magical insight into Indigenous relationships, responsibilities and respect. The Warlu Way follows the path of the Warlu Dreamtime serpent as it traverses Western Australia’s epic Pilbara Region – ancient and sacred landscapes rich in natural beauty and enchanting stories.

We’re lucky to be surrounded by such natural wealth. The land if full of secrets and awe and as you can imagine there is a huge demand for Aboriginal tour guides in the region.

In response to this demand, AAC have partnered with Nintirri who will host Hiking Tour Training from 13 June to 23 June in Tom Price.

Karijini Hiking Tour

The training will include:

  • In class and on location training for participants to build their knowledge and confidence to lead tours using local walking trails.
  • Safety and risk management.
  • Environmental Responsibility.
  • Practice tours with participants leading the walks.
  • Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea.

Training will be free for participants. Part of the training will focus on how to use the skills learned and how participants may future develop these skills into tourism opportunities, gaining employment or starting businesses of their own.

The Hiking Tour Training is suitable for people with all fitness levels.

If you have anyone in mind that would benefit from this training, please let us know on 9188 3500. We strongly encourage past participants from the 2021 Aboriginal Tour Guide training to participate again to increase their knowledge and skills.

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