Highlights from the Pilbara Summit


AAC Regional Managers recently convened in Karratha for the highly anticipated Pilbara Summit. This year’s gathering, centered around the theme of “Major Projects & Investment in a Diverse & Dynamic Region,” had a twofold objective: driving increased activity in the Pilbara and ensuring the local community stays informed about the region’s unfolding developments.

Over 500 Delegates Join the Summit

With a robust attendance of over 500 delegates, the summit provided an invaluable platform for networking among businesses and organisations. Discussions delved into critical topics, including industrial decarbonization, the clean energy transition, evolving technological landscapes, and the imperative for enhanced and culturally sensitive engagement with First Nations and Traditional Owners.

Pilbara’s Economic Prowess: A Global Player

The Pilbara, contributing an impressive $77.8 billion to the gross regional product as of June 2023, stands as the 75th largest economy globally. Its international acclaim for economic opportunities and its pivotal role in global decarbonization underscore its significance.

Hydrogen Headstart Program: A $2 Billion Initiative Unveiled

During the summit, Katie Cook, Director of the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science, and Innovation’s Hydrogen Unit, announced the initiation of expressions of interest for the Hydrogen Headstart Program. This program is set to allocate up to $2 billion in funding support for large-scale renewable hydrogen projects.

Bright Prospects: Employment and Training Opportunities

The Summit not only facilitated strategic networking opportunities for our Regional Managers but also left them inspired by the forthcoming employment and training prospects awaiting our Job Seekers in the months and years ahead. The collective enthusiasm and insights gained from the Pilbara Summit propel us forward into a promising future of growth and development for all of our AAC sites.

Pilbara Summit showcased the region’s thriving economy, its commitment to sustainability, and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. As we harness the momentum generated by this gathering, we eagerly anticipate the positive impact on the Pilbara’s growth trajectory and the broader AAC community. The future is indeed bright for all stakeholders involved.

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