Empowering Success: JS’s Journey in Karratha


Since relocating to Karratha in January, Jobseeker JS, has displayed remarkable independence and a strong desire to learn. On his journey, JS’s Employment Pathway Advisor at Ashburton witnessed and documented his growth firsthand.

Starting from Scratch

Upon his arrival in Karratha, JS lacked both work experience and qualifications, and his initial shyness presented a challenge. However, his Employment Pathway Advisor introduced him to the various courses offered at Ashburton, which caught his interest.

Although JS was reserved initially, he gradually opened up during sessions with his advisor. With only a learner’s permit, he wanted to obtain his driver’s licence by 2024. Recognising his potential, his advisor informed him about Ashburton’s support programs, including driving lessons, which he eagerly embraced.

Embracing Opportunities

JS demonstrated a willingness to expand his skills and knowledge. He expressed interest in enrolling in the forklift course after learning about upcoming short courses. This decision led to him acquiring his forklift licence, and he further pursued certifications in confined space work, working at heights, and operating Elevated Work Platforms.

Continuous Progress

Driven by his ambition to work in the mines one day, JS remains committed to acquiring as many qualifications as possible. Throughout his time at Ashburton, JS has embraced every opportunity for growth and has accumulated valuable work experience. He stands out as one of the standout Jobseekers this year, and we are confident he’s on the right path to achieving his goals.

Towards Success

JS is currently preparing for his Hazard Perception test in March 2024 after completing his required hours. He is also working casually to enhance his job prospects, all while diligently adding more certifications to his repertoire.

AAC’s Employment Pathway Advisors are committed to supporting JS and other Job Seekers in our community. We believe we can make a meaningful difference by believing in their potential and helping them navigate their journeys to success.

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