Delivering the Learn to Drive Program in Remote Communities


In the vast and remote landscapes of Western Australia, the Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation is delivering the Learn to Drive Program, making a positive impact on the lives of those in remote communities.

Covering Vast Territories

From Newman through to Kunawarritji, they provide vehicle checks, cabin drills, and support for remote job seekers, extending as far as the Gibson Desert. They also assist with Practical Driving Assessments (PDAs).

Comprehensive Services

This program goes beyond driving lessons, offering vehicles, administrative support, supervision, and more. It’s a holistic approach to meet the unique needs of remote community members.

Going the Extra Mile

Despite the challenging road and heavy needs, the Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation is dedicated to helping as many as possible. They collaborate with organisations like the Department of Transport (DOT), Remote Services, Metro DOJ, and hold Open Days to extend their reach.

Meeting Strangers and Exploring Scenic Wonders

This journey is also an adventure filled with unique experiences. The team has the opportunity to meet amazing people, encounter strange critters, and witness breathtaking scenery. These experiences further strengthen their resolve to continue their valuable work.

The Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation’s Learn to Drive Program is a lifeline for those in remote communities, offering independence and access to life-changing opportunities. They are driving change and making a profound impact on the lives of those they serve in some of Australia’s most remote regions.

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