AAC Onslow Joins the Celebration at this Year’s Passion of the Pilbara


Onslow came alive with the vibrant spirit of community and culture as AAC Onslow joined local residents and visitors in celebrating the biennial Passion of the Pilbara festival at Thalanyji Oval.

The Passion of the Pilbara (POP), held every two years, offers the people of the Pilbara region a unique opportunity to come together for a two-day festival filled with activities, performances, and bustling market stalls.

“We are proud to be part of the Pilbara, and it was great hearing the ideas people had for building a stronger community,” shared a representative from AAC Community Development Program. As AAC recently took on the Community Development Program contract in Onslow, participating in this event was the perfect opportunity to engage with the local community in a relaxed and festive setting.

The regional manager, Michelle Kivits, emphasised the significance of connecting with the community they serve, stating, “Meeting the people in the community we will be operating in is so important for us.” AAC made a lasting impression by distributing over one hundred and thirty AAC marketing merchandise event bags and providing free 600ml bottled AAC Yurrama water to event attendees.

Shire of Ashburton President Kerry White expressed his delight at the festival’s growth, stating, “Passion of the Pilbara has transformed from a community event to one that showcases the Pilbara’s heart and soul through a collaboration of music, arts, entertainment, food, and community.” The festival attracted a strong lineup of Western Australian artists and entertainers, underscoring its remarkable success.

In conclusion, AAC Onslow’s participation in the Passion of the Pilbara festival reflects their commitment to building a stronger community by providing opportunities for training and employment. If you’re a resident of the Pilbara, be sure to check out AAC’s website to stay up to date and discover how they can assist you in achieving your career aspirations. Explore their current local employer vacancies to take the next step towards your professional goals with AAC.

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