Containers for Change and Ashoil Recycling Together


At Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation, we’re always finding ways to work together. Not only is this economical, but it enables us to become a one-stop-shop making everything so much easier to coordinate.

At Containers for Change, we have branched out to service around 18 mine sites where we collect eligible containers.  Collecting and properly recycling these containers prevents them from ending up in landfills, an extremely important endeavour. Containers for change have agreements in place at the villages where FIFO site workers live that enables us to go in and collect their containers while they’re at work.

We have sourced Intermediate Bulk Containers [IBCs] that are perfect for dropping in a drink container. We have modified them to create a little door that can be opened to release containers, and then shut again when we want them to be filled up.

The village managers have organised to strategically place the IBCs where they will be best used. On a regular basis, our truck drivers will collect the full containers and swap them with the empty IBCs.

In addition to containers for change, we also collect used cooking oil from the mine site kitchens at Ashoil to bring to our recycling plant in Tom Price. The cooking oil then goes through a process where it is transformed into Bio Diesel.

Why not work together? – When we collect our recycling items, it’s always great to provide full service to the village and kitchen managers.

It’s great to see how many more sites would like to recycle products so that we reduce our contamination of this planet and recycle as much as we can.

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