Community Support Skill Set Training


Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation (AAC) recently partnered with Insight Training to facilitate Community Support Skill Set training in the Nullagine/Irrungadji community.

Working with Insight Training

The collaboration involved a dedicated instructor conducting a comprehensive 7-day training program, with sessions running for 4 hours each day. The picturesque art center served as the venue for this impactful initiative, where the Insight trainer received invaluable support from Ashburton’s Mentors and pathway advisors, ensuring the success of the program and aiding jobseekers in reaching their goals.

During the training, AAC CEO Steven Sonneman-Smith visited the community to personally present Participation certificates to both Jobseekers and Community Members. This gesture not only acknowledged their commitment but also added a personal touch to the recognition process. While participants await their official certificates from the completed course, the training has already ignited a strong desire for additional educational opportunities within the community.

Heartfelt gratitude is extended to everyone who played a role in making this training program a reality. The combined efforts of AAC, Insight Training, mentors, and pathway advisors exemplify the collaborative spirit that underpins successful community initiatives.

Looking ahead, AAC is eager to build upon this positive momentum and intends to continue its partnership with Insight Training. The goal is to extend this valuable training across all communities in the Pilbara region. By fostering ongoing educational opportunities, AAC aims to empower more individuals, contribute to skill development, and enhance community well-being.

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