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AAC  have been actively involved in assisting those affected by COVID this month in all the communities. Cases kept climbing and this meant that many of us were isolating in the region.

The need to isolate can affect a household unexpectedly and this means that not only are people feeling sick and secluded, but that a lot of the time, it’s left us without some basic necessities.

Community Supplies

In all Pilbara regions, we saw how community stakeholders came together to make things happen when people needed it the most. It is so heart-warming knowing that our stakeholders are comprised of people who really care.

The Tom Price region is no different. Community organisations like Tom Price Youth Support Association and Centrelink Agency, IBN, Nintirri, Yhinawangka Aboriginal Corporation, The Department of Communities and AAC joined forces to help our communities. We meet regularly and are constantly emailing each other updates, volunteering and electing to take on tasks.

Together, we provided support to people in isolation, from registering positive COVID tests to delivering food and other care supplies, oftentimes outside our normal work hours. Nothing is too much effort for this group of special souls, no one has ever complained or refused to do anything. In times like these when we appreciate our blessings, we have so much to be grateful for.

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