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Make Court Fines Disappear with support from AAC Work and Development Permit (WDP) Scheme.

Court fines can find a way of adding up, especially when you find them hard to pay off. Our AAC staff can help you locate outstanding fines at the court house. If you do, we can help you to apply for a Work and Development Permit. This means that you could pay off $70 per hour of your fines by attending AAC activities and workshops.

This is what Jamie did in Tom Price recently.

Our Activity Mentor, Lance Lockyer assisted Jamie every step of the way. AAC emailed the Department of Justice to see if Jamie had eligible fines to pay off, registered him for a Work and Development Permit on the e-courts portal, and logged in his attended hours.



The Work and Development Permit (WDP) Scheme is a new initiative to help people who are experiencing difficulty paying court fines due to hardship. Under a WDP, eligible people can apply to complete approved activities under the supervision of a sponsor, in place of paying the amount owed. Completing activities with AAC is included under our sponsor agreement.

Jamie attended various projects on the days he had available, including one where participants packed and distributed items recently distributed by Sodexo and Rio Tinto from Namuldi Village. Jamie packed crockery and cutlery, as well as bedding and blankets into boxes and distributed them to various homes within the wider Tom Price community.

Lance worked with Jamie’s abilities to tailor-make the activities for the workshop. Due to his age and other barriers, Jamie is no longer fit to complete duties like he once could. Lance encouraged his attendance, provided work clothes, transport from Wakathuni, morning tea, along with a chat and a bit of persuasion every now and then.

Jamie has now successfully paid off all his fines. He was so proud to receive his Certificate of Completion that he told Lance he would still like to attend a workshop once a week.

Jobseekers are encouraged to pay their fines off with our assistance. Speak to your case manager to get the ball rolling. AAC has a number of projects we’re working on, including assistance at the community gardens, painting the Fun-Box trailer, weaving recycled fabrics into Aboriginal art and many more.

Congratulations, Jamie. It was a pleasure assisting you.

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