Martu Farm Christmas Gathering


Martu Farm had an amazing Christmas gathering early in December with many attending. AAC were invited to this wonderful event, accompanied by many other organisations and Martu families.

Martu Farm put together lovely food which was served out to everyone who attended. We managed to capture a few of our placements, with Martu Farm receiving awards for their achievements with employment throughout the year.

Ashburton Newman and Martu Farm have previously had a very rocky relationship, but Employment Engagement Officer (EEO) Elaine Te Moananui has been working with the Martu Farm employers Angela and John and the Martu Farm employees to mend this relationship.

During the Christmas gathering, Martu Farm awarded Elaine with a Trophy for “giving it her all”. The award left the unsuspecting Elaine speechless.

Elaine Te Moananui with her trophy from Martu Farm

A huge Triumph for AAC Newman this year.

We are looking forward to many more great things to come in the New Year.

Merry Christmas Team!


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