Promoting Literacy: Library Bag Creation Event


In April, the Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation and the Yandeyarra Community School joined forces to host an engaging event to promote literacy and education among students.

Personalised Library Bags: Promoting Reading Culture

The event focused on crafting personalised library bags for all students, encouraging them to carry their books and reading materials with pride while highlighting the importance of utilising the school’s library resources.

Hands-On Experience: Students’ Delight

Students relished the hands-on experience of designing their library bags, guided by supportive jobseekers from the Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation. The event was a hit, fostering creativity and enthusiasm for reading.

Community Impact: Strengthening Bonds

Beyond the fun, the collaboration underscored the significance of community cooperation, showcasing how working together can yield positive outcomes. It also reinforced the vital role of education and literacy within the community fabric.

A Testament to Collaboration

The partnership between the Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation and the Yandeyarra Community School extends beyond this event, promising ongoing cooperation and the creation of future community initiatives.

The library bag creation event exemplifies the power of collaboration in advancing education and literacy. It was a joyous occasion for all involved, reaffirming the commitment of both organisations to empower the community through education.

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