Pilbara Sea Cadets

maskPilbara Sea Cadets

The Community Outreach team, Steve Horne and Terry Larson, have been assisting the Pilbara Sea Cadets with help from AAC Staff, to remove office furniture, student study desks and household items which will be donated to local communities.

Our Community Outreach Team have also helped with the clean-up and landscaping of the Sea Cadets property which is located in Port Hedland, adjacent the Yacht Club. The Sea Cadets have given AAC an old boat, which we will repair, restore and donate to the kids of Yandeyarra Community to be used in their play area.

Steve and Terry have liaised with Patrick Melberg, the Vice President of the Pilbara Sea Cadets as part of AACs continued commitment to Community Engagement in the Pilbara Region.

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