Mature Aged Job Seekers Gains Employment Through The Employer 1000 Jobs Incentive Package


Vincent Thomas, one of our mature aged job seekers, has gained employment through the employer 1000 jobs incentive package that we facilitate here in the Pilbara. Vincent secured employment with Wangka Maya Language Centre as an Indigenous Heritage Officer. 

Vincent is looking forward to further recording his own language. AAC staff member Genelle Smith is delighted to have been able to order Vincent a personal laptop through our Post Placement Support Service. Vincent will be able to utilise his new laptop within his new role.

Wangka Maya Language Centre works with the Pilbara Aboriginal language communities to produce dictionaries, grammars, storybooks, recordings and other resources to promote the preservation and use of the 31 languages of the Pilbara region. 

Left – Vincent Thomas and Genelle Smith
Right– Lily (Project Manager), Vincent Thomas and Lorraine (Manager) from Wangka Maya Language Centre.

To find out more about our employer 1000 jobs incentive, which offers up to $57,000 towards a new employee’s wages, please contact our office here.

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