Job Seekers Visit Marble Bar


Our Hedland job seekers and employer mentoring programs continue to gain momentum as the AAC team work along side job seekers to assist them in removing barriers that might otherwise prevent them from entering the workforce. AAC have a number of local employer partnerships that provide opportunities for job seekers, including our partnerships with Qube and Minprovise which have really gained momentum.

Recently we took three job seekers for a three night over stay at Marble Bar. During their stay they assisted Arvi our Marble Bar supervisor in some formwork. This formwork will allow the Warralong Community’s Basketball court to be completed. The upcoming completion of the Warralong Basketball court is very exciting as it has been under construction for a number of months with many job seekers pitching in to complete the project.

Supervisor Aarvi and the crew pouring concrete for the new basketball court



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