Huge Win for 14 Job Seekers Issused with Provisional Licences


Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation celebrates Learn2Drive and Access and Equity program of the WA Department of Transport.

Fantastic results for Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation’s Learn2Drive program and the Access and Equity program of the WA Department of Transport (DOT).

With great pride, AAC can report the Learn2Drive program and Access and Equity Program was a resounding success. The programs assisted several job seekers in getting their licences this year.

During Practical Driving Assessment (PDA) week, Remote services Officer, Christina Ryder, travelled to the Pilbara to facilitate PDA’s for 14 AAC job seekers. Out of the 14 job seekers undertaking the assessment, 14 have passed and been issued their Provisional licence.

Driving licences remove major barriers for employment, as well as benefit the personal lives of job seekers.


It has been almost 12 months to the day since the CEO, Steven Sonneman-Smith, first sent out an e-mail outlining his vision for the Learn2Drive program. In that 12 months, AAC Hedland has;

  • Assisted 86 people in the Access and Equity Program
  • Collecting 65 RL13’s
  • Provided 26 Learner theory tests
  • Issued 25 Learner theory certificates
  • Conducted 151 lessons
  • For a total of 180 hours
  • Booking 15 PDA’s
  • For 15 job seekers to be issied provisional licences.

Outstanding achievments!

This is far from a one-man show. AAC would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have contrubuted to the success. Michelle and Taylor, for providing an atmosphere that permitted the program to change, adapt and streamline into what it is today. For the support and assistance of the EPA’s and PPS staff, thanks to Kristy and Kirsty assisting where and when they could. With every program there are stand out performances of a few who have gone above and beyond. Thanks to Kirra and Liz from EPA land, you guys rock. Gennelle and Biddy from ES/PPS, your assistance has been vital. Tracey and Adam out at Harwell, always a pleasure. Adam, you will be missed. Finally, our job seekers for listening, learning, adapting where necessary, congratulations all.

Bring on next year!

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