Celebrating Milestones


Kellie, Genelle, and Biddy recently made a visit to Independent Parts in Wedgefield to commend their team members and celebrate the achievements of two outstanding individuals, Jahquille Tittums and Travers Dann. The trio presented the team with a delectable chocolate platter along with two generous Employer Incentive cheques, each worth $11,000, to acknowledge Jahquille and Travers for successfully completing their 26-week parts interpreter traineeships at Independent Parts.

The dedication and hard work demonstrated by Jahquille and Travers throughout their six-month journey have truly impressed Barry, their supervisor. These exceptional job seekers have shown remarkable progress and have excelled in their roles, acquiring a wealth of knowledge and skills that have contributed to their personal and professional growth.

Moreover, Kellie, the PPSO, and Genelle, also a PPSO, extended their visit to Rema Tip-Top, another esteemed establishment located in Wedgefield. Their purpose was to recognise the accomplishments of Clifton Graham, who has reached the significant milestone of completing 26 weeks with the company. In honour of this achievement, the team at Rema Tip-Top was presented with a scrumptious wraps platter, a delightful chocolate platter, and a symbolic novelty cheque.

Clifton’s dedication and commitment to his work have been remarkable, earning him admiration and respect from his colleagues and supervisors alike. The skills and knowledge he has acquired during his time at Rema Tip-Top have enabled him to perform exceptionally well, making a valuable contribution to the team’s success.

As Kellie, Genelle, and Biddy continue to engage with local businesses and individuals, their visits serve as a testament to the commitment of the organisation to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of its employees. Through these gestures of appreciation, Independent Parts and Rema Tip-Top demonstrate their dedication to fostering a positive work environment and supporting the growth and development of their team members.

With these well-deserved accolades, Jahquille Tittums, Travers Dann, and Clifton Graham serve as inspiring examples to their colleagues and aspiring professionals, proving that hard work, perseverance, and dedication are the keys to achieving remarkable success in their careers.

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