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At AAC we work closely with employers to identify suitable positions for jobseekers. We specifically love employers who have a supportive culture, and an environment that will nurture and help our jobseekers grow at the same time.

One of our employers in Tom Price took a risk in hiring a jobseeker. At first, they were a little unsure about hiring one of the candidates we put forward for a position. The employer contacted us to discuss a candidate’s application. The candidate was open about his transgressions with the law, and disclosed this at his first job interview with them. He was very honest, and that’s what they wanted. They hired him and took a risk, and it paid off.

Mitre 10 - Anthony

Meet Anthony. The tall, friendly and very helpful team member at Pilbara Mitre 10 in Tom Price. Not so long ago, he was the newbie, being shown the ropes. He is now very popular amongst his co-workers and has developed great product knowledge and knowledge of systems and procedures along with great customer service skills. It’s as if the job was made for him.

After his incarceration, Anthony was determined to achieve more in life. After all, just because your past has been a bit rocky doesn’t mean your future has to be too. New to Tom Price and without a job, Anthony walked into the AAC office. He spoke to his case manager who helped him to apply for local available positions. Anthony was so easy to work with, and commenced employment on 1 November as a Sales Assistant.

Not long after that, his employer asked AAC to assist him with a forklift ticket. The training was scheduled for a Sunday, but this didn’t phase Anthony at all. It was a step in the right direction for him, and he was so happy to do his training. We catch up with Anthony at work every now and then and have seen him in action on the forklift. He looks like a seasoned operator already.

Anthony will no doubt reach his next goal and anything else he sets his mind to do. As he has never had a driver’s license, Anthony will now join our License to Drive program which is there to assist him to gain a license one step at a time.

We would like to thank his employer for taking a risk in employing Anthony and not being so set in requirements to have applicants with perfect police records. Everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves.

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