Since its inception AAC has harnessed its workforce skills and experience to deliver community based activities that make communities safer, more cohesive and prepared to respond to local job opportunities.

The staff operate within a flexible framework and are therefore able to respond to unscheduled needs: road flooding for instance, or community clean-ups. We also work with community and cultural needs such as taking into account Lore and Cultural obligations when planning our community visits and activities for jobseekers. AAC staff also foster Aboriginal culture and traditional skills in the arts and craft area as a mean to create new job opportunities particularly in the tourism sector whilst ensuring these skills are passed on to younger generations.

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AAC works with individuals, communities and other organisations to provide a range of services, enterprises and programs that facilitate increased participation in employment and economic opportunities.As the Community Development Program provider for the two regions of Hedland and the Western Desert, a large portion of AAC's workforce is focused on achieving this goal. Where real jobs are available, the staff work closely with employers to identify local jobs and  jobseekers to make sure their skills currently meet the needs of employers and follow up with both groups once a jobseeker is employed. AAC staff provide guidance and preparation over induction and ongoing maintenance of the jobseeker in the work role.

Where jobs are less available, AAC supports jobseekers through design and delivery of work-like structured activities that support the development of skills to match jobs when they become available. These activities match community needs so jobseekers can gain a sense of pride from their involvement as well as work skills. AAC also has a number of economic enterprises which can support individual jobseekers. The seeking of economic development is an ongoing focus for AAC as employment opportunities are very limited in many locations.

Participation takes many shapes: as trainees in the workplace, as a jobseeker taking part in a Work Ready program or as a community member who wants to create a healthy and safe community. AAC has a genuine focus on ensuring participation by jobseekers aligns to their interests and also meets the needs of the community.

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AAC has a strong focus on the younger jobseeker group. Youth unemployment in Australia is approximately 5 times greater than mainstream unemployment. The future of Australia rests on the shoulders of young people and AAC wants to ensure this group has the skills and motivation to lead.

AAC has dedicated youth workers who link with young jobseekers and design support to meet their unique needs. These workers link with
local agencies and assist the jobseekers as much as possible.

AAC has specialist youth programs that prepare young people through further education/training, work skill and work preparation and intense mentor support. These programs or ones similar remain the backbone to the approach AAC takes in its development of youth across the regions.

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