We are looking for a fit Deckhand to commence a Traineeship program in 2020. The right candidate will have great active listening skills and the ability to work under pressure. The Deckhand’s responsibilities include:

  • loading and unloading cargo or luggage,
  • relaying important information to the crew,
  • maintaining ship equipment,
  • assisting with watch keeping duties,
  • and ensuring the general upkeep of the vessel.

To be successful as a Deckhand, you should be able to follow orders and obey all environmental and government regulations. Top candidates are usually strong and physically fit, and able to carry out instructions while observing the environment around them.

Work Experience: We encourage you to apply now and if you would like to do a one week on the job work experience (unpaid) to see if you would be suitable for the role.  After your work experience, the traineeship role will be offered to the right candidate.

Deckhand Responsibilities:

  • Greasing and cleaning machinery.
  • Moving heavy objects around.
  • Using various ropes, knots and radio and navigational equipment.
  • Assisting during emergencies and effectively using safety equipment.
  • Performing general maintenance duties like painting, sweeping and mopping.
  • Preparing cabins for crew or passengers.
  • Cooking meals.
  • Serving food and drink to passengers.

Deckhand Requirements:

  • +18yrs
  • Physical fitness and strength.
  • Pass a pre-employment medical including Drug & Alcohol screening.
  • Driver’s license.
  • Knowledge of maritime safety.
  • Excellent hand-eye coordination.
  • Willingness to work in harsh climates.
  • Full of energy, enthusiasm and positivity.
  • Certification may be required, but generally, on-the-job training takes place.

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