We are seeking a part-time Cleaner for a Sobering Up Centre in South Hedland to work Monday to Friday from 7am to 11am.


  • Signing clients in with correct details.
  • Preparing clients for showers (Towels, Soap etc.).
  • Bring in any washing; wash dirty clothes.
  • Clean & tidy, Sweep & mop floor of Staff Kitchen: Daily

Female – Staff bathroom: Daily

  • Clean All surfaces, taps, basin, shower soap dish to be wiped over.
  • Wipe window ledges, light switches and door knobs.
  • Clean mirror with glass cleaner.
  • Clean toilet bowl & seat with disinfectant.

Bathrooms – Female: Daily

  • Walk through bathrooms removing all soaps, liquid soap bottles, shampoo cups, razors,
  • and shaving cream, items left in the urinal and rubbish bags.
  • You will require Disinfectant, glaze window cleaner, toilet Cleaner, bin bags, 2 cleaning
  • cloths, spare pair of gloves, to clean the bathrooms and toilets out.
  • Males – use hot water with disinfectant cleaner in a bucket to wash down urinal.
  • Clean toilets with toilet cleaner.
  • Replace bin liners.
  • Use disinfectant to spray bathroom walls, soap dishes, outside of toilet bowl, hand
  • basin, tiles and tiled bench tops.
  • Clean inside of toilet bowls with toilet brush; pour disinfectant into bowls and leave.
  • Wipe over all surfaces with clean cloth.
  • Check, tidy and wipe down entrance of cupboard shelves.
  • Hose down shower walls.
  • Using paper towels wipe down mirrors with window cleaner.
  • Remove all left-over material into laundry.
  • Replace towels and new soap bars.
  • Sweep & Mop bathroom, with hot water.
  • Replace bin in correct area of bathroom.
  • Replace toilet paper.
  • Female cleaner – Centre Room: Daily
  • Tidy Centre room, including entrance desk
  • Wipe down table and chairs in Centre room with disinfectant.
  • Wipe all other surfaces – window ledges, desks, benches, light switches, door handles
  • Sweep and Mop area with hot water and disinfectant.
  • Sweep and Mop laundry floors.


  • Wash walls and skirting boards in all areas.
  • List requirement of cleaning consumables and report to the coordinator.
  • Screen outdoor areas for clothes and any rubbish to be placed in bins.

Client Laundry: Daily

  • Tidy clothes in outside laundry.
  • Clean Sink with Gumption.
  • Sweep Floor.
  • Pick up Clothes on ground and off fences.
  • Wipe Washing Machines.
  • Wipe Dryer and remove lint from filter.


We will provide support and training to assist to develop these skills:

* ability to work with homeless Aboriginal people,

* ability to plan cleaning schedules,

* ability to maintain the Wapa Maya Centre in a clean and hygienic condition,

* ability to identify maintenance issues and complete reports,

* ability to work in a team environment,

* Willingness to obtain Police Certificate, Working with Children’s and Senior First Aid.

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