Ashmulla Pastoral Company Pty Ltd

Pastoral lease on Peedamulla Station

In 2014 AAC commenced delivering training in a wide variety of pastoral activities at its residential training facility on Peedamulla Station outside Onslow.

The focus of the training is low stress stock handling, infrastructure development (fencing, yard building etc), horsemanship skills with particular attention to building confidence and skills to successfully enter the workplace. The shearers’ quarters have been refurbished to provide a realistic setting for trainees who will be taking on jobs at cattle stations across the state.

The corporation views Peedamulla Station as environmentally significant and AAC’s training programs reflect this. The station comprises some 225,000 hectares and is being regenerated to its former glory by members of the local community in conjunction with AAC’s hard working team.

In addition, AAC has other pastoral interests in the state which provide various training and employment opportunities as well as supporting Aboriginal pastoralists to adopt best practice in land management.

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Ashoil Pty Ltd

Ashoil is a supplier of diesel, the renewable fuel biodiesel and diesel/biodiesel blends. Ashoil collects used cooking oil from mining camps and businesses from across the Pilbara region. This waste is converted into biodiesel at Ashoil’s refinery in Tom Price.

Biodiesel produced by Ashoil is sold under contract to Rio Tinto Iron Ore for use in their drill and blast operations. By-products generated during the biodiesel production process are used in a diverse array of industrial, agricultural and chemical applications.

Ashoil has established a fuel supply and distribution business operating from their facilities in Tom Price. Ashoil’s clientele includes a number of remote communities and businesses and it also serves a number of local contractors in the Tom Price region.

Ashoil uses its facilities and operations as a means of providing training and employment opportunities to individuals from the Pilbara region. Ashoil has also provided work experience to students from Tom Price High School.

Onslow Tyres and Mechanical Service

Beginning as a tyre shop in 2005, Onslow Tyres and Mechanical Services has grown into an extremely busy and diversified business, servicing the fleets of vehicles of local businesses along with the vast numbers attached to the Wheatstone and Macedon gas projects.

The business continues to be a training and employment platform for local Aboriginal workers and all staff are embracing the challenges of expansion.

Ashlinen Pty Ltd

In 2011 AAC was successful in negotiating contracts to source and supply linen for new mining camps in the Pilbara under the banner of our Ashlinen enterprise.

The logistics around these projects are handled from our Wangara premises. Our aim is to provide employment opportunities for Pilbara traditional owner members currently residing in Perth for study and other reasons.

Ashburton Distribution & Logistics Pty Ltd

This enterprise is focused on the sourcing and supply of a broad range of products and services, with diversity and adaptability being the key drivers.

With a keen eye on the environment through recycling, AD&L has launched into producing clean industrial rags from redundant hospitality linen that once might have made its way to landfill. The more suitable of this linen is donated to the needy and support organisations for the frail and homeless.

AD&L also supplies Western Australian drinking water to numerous remote locations in the Pilbara including offshore facilities, and metro workplaces too.

AD&L continues to add more products to its inventory with the inclusion of a 100% WA grown and processed canola cooking oil.

AD&L also supplies a wide range of WA made cleaning and degreasing chemicals. The vast majority of these products align with the green ideals of the AAC, by being biodegradable and produced from environmentally sustainable ingredients.

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Ashdrill Pty Ltd

Ashdrill is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation. Ashdrill has entered into a joint venture agreement with NPC Pilbara Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Queensland-based Aboriginally owned Northern Project Contracting (NPC). This joint venture will combine the skills of both AAC and NPC to provide training and employment in the area of exploration drilling. This joint venture is developing a Certificate II qualification in drilling operations to train Aboriginal people from the Pilbara region to operate and manage drilling rigs used in mining exploration activities.

This exciting development has a well defined career pathway for individuals interested in employment in this sector. Ashdrill is currently in discussion with a number of Tier 1 mining companies for the deployment of rigs for exploration drilling.